As one of the must-have beauty products of 2022, blush could reach new heights this year. And for good reason, since it is regularly the focus of trends, inspirations and even beauty hacks on social networks. This has been seen in recent months with “douyin blush”, which involves making a ’v’ shape on several parts of the face, “under-eye blush”, to hide dark circles, and even white blush to sculpt and brighten the face. The latest in the list, “purple blush” promises to be much more effective than classic blush shades for a good-looking effect.

Bold makeup

"Bold" is the adjective most used on TikTok to qualify this new makeup trick, which is clearly proving popular. The craze is such that the hashtag #purpleblush already has more than 60 million views, and that’s without counting its derivatives, which are multiplying at speed.

On TikTok, many famous influencers have already experimented with this new trend, starting with American users Mikayla Nogueira, Sarah Wolak and Aidette Cancino, who have largely contributed to its success. The advantage of this trick lies in its simplicity, since it does not require any particular skill or technique, other than knowing how to apply blush. As you can see, only the shade of the product changes, and consumers will only need to invest in a new purple, lavender, lilac, mauve, eggplant or possibly plum blush, before getting to work.

Healthy glow effect

As for the effect, not surprisingly, it’s the striking boldness of purple blush that is the main advantage, but it’s not the only one, according to users of the social network. They claim that purple blush gives a healthy glow effect that’s even more effective than with classic blush shades. Another important boon is that it’s suitable for all skin tones.

However, it is important to choose the right shade of purple for the desired effect — as a general rule, go lighter for lighter skin tones. The only downside, albeit marginal, is that while some TikTokers are happy to take credit for bringing to light this beauty trend, it’s not actually all that ground-breaking. Some celebrities, like Rihanna, have been using this trick for many years. At a time when Gen Z is reconnecting with makeup, it is above all a sign of a return to bright colours in the world of beauty.