Qosmedix recently introduced two new additions to their popular deodorant container collection.

The first is a 31 gram, black, twist-up round container which contains 30% Post Consumer Recycled polypropylene. The container has a convenient inner protective cover built into the cap which offers added protection and creates a smooth dome shape during the filling process. According to Qosmedix, this is the perfect choice for brands that are looking for a more sustainable option than virgin plastic.

The second is a 31 gram, white, Child-Resistant Container with a push down and turn cap. This closure is designed to be difficult for young children to open, but easy enough for adults to understand, ensuring your product is safely packaged.

Qosmedix highlights this second item is great for CBD products and other formulations that are potentially harmful or hazardous.

Both of these twist-up, bottom-fill containers can pack a wide array of products such as body balms, deodorants, solid sunscreens, cosmetics, and more. With a minimum order quantity, brands may choose to customize the pack out, colors, finish, add a logo or other decorative elements.