MakeUp in Paris’ Innovation & Trends (IT) Awards are open to all exhibitors at the show. They are allowed to submit up to three skincare and makeup innovations. This year, 31 new skincare and makeup products and packaging, among more than 117 products in the competition, were nominated to participate to the final step. Eventually, the jury awarded four innovations and two “special mention” prizes, in the following categories: Accessory, Formulation, Full Service and Packaging.

Accessory IT Award

The IT Award in the “Accessories” category was scooped by Texen for their Multi-Intensity Brush with an innovative rotating mechanism that allows to adjust the length and density of the tuft to create a complete face make-up look with a single brush. In addition to this single-material (PBT) mechanism, the brush’s tuft, handle and ferrule can be customized in terms of shape and material.

Formulation IT Award

In the formulation category, MS BeautiLab took home the Award thanks to their Supernova Green injectable powders formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin, and exclusively certified natural cosmos raw materials. While eliminating microplastics, talc, silicones and my synthetic film-forming agents, they have an ultra-sensorial, creamy texture that offers high-performance rendering and a high level of shine.

Also in the same category, Aircos (Anjac Health & Beauty Group) won the special mention “Wow Effect” prize for their Hypnotic Very Noir compact eyeshadow with a creamy-powdery texture and an intense, golden-black metallic effect.

Full Service IT Award

In the “Formulation” category, the award went to Italy’s Trendcolor for coCOOLmelon, a blush with a hybrid formula between skincare and make-up, based on watermelon pulp and seed oil. Designed by Belotti, the case evokes the freshly picked fruit and when you open it, the pigments and active ingredients float inside the base like watermelon seeds.

In the same category, the special mention for “Technical Innovation” went to Chromavis Fareva for Maya, a new technology enabling multi-colour heat-cast visuals with high relief and definition down to 1 centimetre. It was presented in a cast texture formulated with 94% natural ingredients, extra slippery, creamy and enveloping, contrasting with the vibrant, deep colours and 3D relief.

Packaging IT Award

Eventually, the Packaging award went to Taiwanese company Libo Cosmetics for its Venus Refillable Aluminium Lipstick.

The packaging is made exclusively from 100% aluminium, including the cap and shell, without creating plastic waste. Its refillable mechanism further enhances the ecological aspect of the design. The lipstick case is customizable with a wide range of finishes, including matte, satin and gloss metallic finishes.

The next edition of MakeUp in Paris will be held on May 29 and 30, 2024.