Seppic continues its development in the nutricosmetics sector after the acquisition of EPI France. The subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, which specializes in the manufacture of specialty ingredients, has unveiled a new clinical study demonstrating the efficacy on hair of active ingredient Ceramosides, obtained from wheat lipids and rich in phytoceramides.

Hair care efficacy

A gold standard clinical study was carried out on a panel of women of all ages suffering from non-pathological hair loss. In only three months, the results highlighted significant effects on various key hair parameters:

- A significant growth by 12.5% in hair length vs. placebo;
- A 2-fold increase in the number of hairs in the growth phase: +11,000 (vs. less than 5,000 for the placebo group);
- A significant reduction by 27% in hair loss vs. placebo;
- A significant improvement in hair resistance to breakage through enhanced hair elasticity;
- A significant reduction of scalp sebum in women with a tendency towards oiliness.

This new study thus extends the field of application of Ceramosides, whose anti-aging and moisturizing efficacy on the skin has already been proven by three clinical studies.

At a time when one in two women is likely to suffer from excessive hair loss in their lifetime [1], the hair care segment is increasingly gaining interest within the global nutricosmetics market,” said Seppic in a statement. “The maintenance and renewal of healthy hair is directly correlated with its lipid composition. This is why ceramides, known for their involvement in the formation of intracellular lipids, play a key role and act as a barrier protecting the hair cuticle.

Ceramosides is vegan, guaranteed with no GMOs, no additives, no preservatives and is gluten-free. It is also certified kosher and is available in organic grade.