Thanks to advancements in technology and new ingredient molecules, ‘tweakment’ or (non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments) style products are innovating rapidly, driven by a growing demand for natural-looking results.

Pre-procedure: A new segment to watch to prepare the skin for tweakments

As the demand for quick-fix solutions paired with more measured, long-term beauty rituals continues, brands have tapped into the public’s desire for pre-procedure prep cosmetics. On TikTok, the #skinprepforsurgery has had 512.2 million views.

This new segment is all about ensuring optimal results, minimizing the risk of complications, ensuring a smooth recovery all while enhancing the overall results of the procedure. The new generation of tweakment style skincare brands are adding pre-procedure care calling it a ‘Full Tweakment Cycle Cosmetics’. It’s one product - pre-treatment, post-procedure care and maintenance.

Viktor Michael’s Hidden Agenda Pre and Post Injection Care Serum is one such product. Used prior to procedure to prepare skin, 3-7 days prior to injection. The brand goes on to say to use it for a few hours following injections, “while you’re recovering, and continue to spot treat every 3-4 hours for the first day. For 7-10 days post-injection, apply directly on and around the injection area. Repeat this application process 2-4 times daily. Once skin has fully recovered, use as part of your daily skincare regimen to boost healthy-looking hydration, and radiance.

It is formulated with what they name a proprietary ‘Pre & Post Injection Care Complex’ to reduce injection site irritation while helping to even the skin tone. Arnica Montana leads this formula with an active concentration of 15% boosting skin renewal. Shea butter nourishes, softens and provides a barrier on the skin. Argan oil moisturizes skin, improves the feel of elasticity and supports a healthy glow. Coco Caprylate/caprate are emollient, fatty esters from coconut that support the moisture barrier.

Cosmetics in place of fillers and Botox

No one enjoys the pain of Botox or fillers, so what if we told you could get your at-home alternatives to injectables from cosmetics. These products are dedicated to a fun and pleasurable way of changing something about yourself whenever you want, without the hassle of going for a procedure.

Lip injections are still one of the most requested treatments at aesthetic medicine clinics. The ‘lip flip’, for instance, is a procedure that uses Botox to relax a muscle in the upper lip, causing the lip to ‘flip’, giving the appearance of a fuller upper lip. It’s the latest trend in lip fillers, the #lipflip on TikTok has 302.3M views, and the new generation of cosmetics are giving injections a run for their money.

Covergirl Simply Ageless Lip Flip Liner promises to instantly contour your lips and create the lip flip effect at-home. Use the lip liners wide angled tip to draw slightly above your lip line at the cupid’s bow to create volume in the centre of your lips. Fill in your lips using a lipstick of your choice.

Lips tweakments are not just about plumping, and anti-aging of the lips is another area where tweakment style cosmetics are innovating. Global Google searches for ‘marionette lines’ have doubled YoY (Jan 21-22). The demand is huge and more consumers are seeking cosmetic alternatives to the needle. Twany Dramatic Memory by Kao is a targeted primer that tightens and shrinks smile lines. It pulls the skin by making the applied film ‘shrink’. This makes nasolabial fold disappear. Your ‘tweakment cosmetic’ is a nasolabial & marionette line filler.

And while you have the juiciest and voluptuous lips, why not as well have the perfect eyes. The new generation of ‘tweakment cosmetics’ is all about immediate and long-term restoration with peptides. The SBLA Eye Lift Wand works its magic around your eyes by instantly eliminating crow’s feet, plus, creased hooded and droopy eyelids. With what the brand describes as a ‘revolutionary SBLA66 PEPTIDE molecule’, this powerful peptide works to lift and smooth the skin around the eyes, diminishes puffiness, evens the skin’s texture and improves discoloration, while building collagen and repairing damage. Your ‘tweakment cosmetic’ is an eye lift.

From lifting, sculpting, plumping, toning and tightening; needle-free tweakments really do exist in cosmetics. However, we are only at the beginning. Expect tweakment style cosmetics to become even more experimental and imaginative. With a whole new breadth of possibilities for us to explore, tomorrow’s cosmetics will replicate an even wider spectrum of aesthetic procedure. Tomorrow’s cosmetics brands must offer tweakment style cosmetics for full facial aesthetic offerings.